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Kidger Optics offers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of imaging and illumination design, from the generation of specifications, through to prototype opto-mechanical designs with manufacturing drawings.

Our wide experience covers many different applications:

  • Lens design and evaluation; deep ultra violet to far infra red
  • Simple single element systems to complex zoom lenses
  • Optical and instrumentation design for astronomical telescopes
  • High resolution imaging to illumination/detection systems
  • Freeform design for optical diode beam shaping
  • LED replacement for traditional lighting systems
  • Illumination system design through to prototyping and production sourcing
  • Performance analysis of LEDS, fibre lasers and DPSS lasers
  • "Off the Shelf" component systems

Kidger Optics' designs take full account of manufacturing limitations, and can include a thorough tolerancing analysis.  Our comprehensive design suite includes Synopsys - Optical Solutions Group' CODE V® and LightTools® software programs for imaging optics, illumination/detection optics, stray light analysis, non-sequential ray-tracing applications and statistical tolerance analysis. Additionally, our design and modeling capabilities include experience with both Zemax and Matlab design and simulation software.

Look to us for any, or all, of the following tasks dependent on your needs:

  • Assist in generating specifications to meet particular requirements
  • Evaluate existing designs against a requirement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed optical design studies
  • Prepare prototype and production designs
  • Provide electro-opto-mechanical design
  • Prepare detailed drawings to BS or ISO standards
  • Assist with prototyping, sourcing and procurement of optical elements
  • Advise and assist during assembly and test

Kidger Optics is pleased to provide quotations against any specifications that you may have.  In those cases where the difficulty of the job cannot be adequately assessed prior to a significant amount of analysis, we may quote a fixed price for a feasibility study and budgetary prices for the remainder.  The budgetary prices will likely be confirmed and/or revised to fixed prices at the end of the feasibility study. 

Please contact  Kidger Optics  for all your optical design problems and consultancy needs.


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